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Rabu, 12 Februari 2014

KENWOOD TS-2000 MULTI BAND (HF/50/144/440 MHz)

Salah Satu Radio Transceiver Yang SAYA miliki. Yang Istimewa Bahasa Dari Suami radio adalah memiliki 2 receiver, nama dan Kembali dapat mendengarkan QSO/10-25 di frekwensi doa Yang berbeda (TERSEDIA 2 jack speaker eksternal di Bagian tidak Belakang) Dan untuk mengirimkan doa di frek. Yang berbeda (MAIN BAND Dan SUB BAND) nihil CUKUP tekan tombol MAIN Dan SUB. Masing-masing mempunyai panggilan untuk lalai pintu gerbang frekwensi. Band Main Dan sub Band Bisa diatur Sendiri-Sendiri daya Misal di HF kitd bikin 50 watt sedangkan di 2 meteran pita 100 watt.

Info lanjut Dan lebih detil silahkan nama dan Kembali penjelajahan di:

Harga: Rp. PANGGILAN + Ongkir ((081278920033 (TS-2000 Only))
Dijual ke: Yogyakarta Dan Cirebon (stock Sisa 3 uni)

Minggu, 20 Januari 2013


Tailor-made for DX' ing, the new TS-480HX HF transceiver raises the bar on portable performance. Despite its compact dimensions, it delivers an astonishing punch: 200W with a DC 13.8V supply. Yet its separate control panel is perfect for base station use. Sharing virtually all the same powerful features is the 100W TS-480SAT, except that it boasts a built-in antenna tuner. Whichever model you choose, you can be sure of enjoying the best of both worlds - first-rate communications at home and on the trail.

  • The TS-480HX is a highly portable rig offering 200W output (50MHz: 100W) - making it ideal for both base station and DX' ing applications. 
  • The 100W TS-480SAT is additionally equipped with a built-in automatic antenna tuner. 
  • 16-bit AF digital signal processing offers such powerful features as noise reduction, TX/RX equalizer, and AF filters. 
  • Sporting a large amber LCD with backlit keys, the standalone control panel can be positioned anywhere up to 4 metres from the main unit. 
  • Include a quad-mixer that provides RX dynamic range in the TS-950 class, PSK31 compatibility, packet cluster tune (with TM-D700E/A), PC-based control, and optional IF filters
The ARCP-480 radio control program* enables PC-based control of all transceiver functions,as well as the customizing of TX/RX equalizer curves.

Using the ARHP-10 radio host program*, you can even control the transceiver remotely over a LAN or via the Internet. The Kenwood Network Command System further enables VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) applications.
*Internet-linked operation and/or remote control of Amateur Radio products is subject to local licensing and legislation in the country of use. Ensure that you operate within the terms of your licence at all times.
To use ARHP-10 requires global IP; any questions regarding IP addresses should be directed to your provider.

A computer running Windows® 2000/XP and equipped with a microphone and speakers (or headphones) is required for VoIP

Harga : Rp. 13.250.000,- (SAT), Rp. 13.750.000,- (HX)  Tlp. 081278920033